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Watch Manufacturers

Casio Watches
Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a multinational electronic devices manufacturing company founded in 1946, with its headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Casio is best known for its calculators, audio equipment, PDAs, cameras, musical instruments, and watches.
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Dreyfuss & Co Watches
In 1925 René Dreyfuss establised the Dreyfuss Fils Watch company, That is now the Dreyfuss & Co brand today.In 2005 Robert Dreyfuss launches the Dreyfuss & Co brand which is inspired by the legacy of his ancestor, René Dreyfuss.
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Eterna Watches
What in 1856 set out as a factory producing blank movement in time grew into a mature manufacturing enterprise, thanks to the vison and tenacity of founding partner Urs Schild. As a family owned company, Eterna has remained faithful to its original philosophy-that of perfecting the classic art of the watchmaker's craft. It has managed this with great aplomb, as can be seen from the series of milestones that have marked the past 150 years.
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J&T Windmills Watches
In 1699, Joseph Windmills was elected as the youngest Warden of the Company. Meanwhile his son Thomas had completed his apprenticeship and then worked as a journeyman, becoming free of the Clockmaker's company in 1695/1696. Joseph was considered one of the finest clockmakers in late seventeenth century London, and produced a prolific number of lantern clocks of all sizes and qualities. His earliest known watch was created before 1680 and did not feature a balance spring; this is his rarest watch and is displayed in the British Museum.
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Junghans Watches
The company began to produce wristwatches in 1927. Beginning in the 1950s, the virtuoso designer Max Bill created clocks and watches for Junghans and the relationship lasted many years. A remarkable example of his work is a wall clock he designed in 1956/57 that is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art (New York). In 1962 Bill also created mechanical wristwatches for Junghans – impressive timepieces, not only for their aesthetic design, but also their precision.
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Lorus Watches
Lorus was first launched in Europe in 1982 to complement the already popular Pulsar and Seiko brands. Lorus was an instant success, offering not only affordable products, but products with high design and technology qualities. Taking advantage of the huge commitments to technology advancement made by the Seiko Watch Corporation, Lorus can now offer Kinetic watches in its product collection, alongside all the standard functions such as solar, digital, duo-display and alarm-chronographs. Check them out if you haven't already done so.
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Michel Herbelin Watches
Michel Herbelin founded his watch company in 1947 combining the principles of high quality watch making and technical reliability with elegance and good design. In 1972, Jean - Claude Herbelin, the son of the founder joined the company. With his team, he decided to adapt a new marketing approach by developing the creativity of the brand and proposing to position their high quality watches in the mid to upper section of the market.
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Pulsar Watches
In the 1970's, everything seemed achievable through the rapidly growing technological expertise at the world's fingertips. Space flight had been converted from dream to reality, computer science was developing at break neck speed and electronics seemed to deliver new advances every day. Pulsar symbolised the age. It was new and it was bold, it was surprising and it was different. Pulsar, the world's first electronic digital watch, created a sensation when it was unveiled in New York in 1972 and it changed the world's perception of time.
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Rotary Watches
It was in 1895 that Moise Dreyfuss opened his factory in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds. Demand for good value, quality merchandise ensured the business grew quickly.Within twelve years, Georges and Sylvain Dreyfuss opened an office in Britain to import the family watches. The company continued to grow, and in 1925 they introduced the now famous Rotary logo, the 'winged wheel'.
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Seiko Watches
in 1881 when Kintaro Hattori founded a clock repair store in central Tokyo. Just eleven years later his company made its first clock and, in 1895, its first watch.Today, with Kintaro's great grandson, Shinji Hattori at president, SEIKO Watch Corporation is still dedicated to the perfection that the founder always strove to achieve.
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Tissot Watches
From 1853 to the present day, Tissot has continually surprised and delighted customers with its product innovation. A relentless pioneering spirit led the company from its foundation in the small Swiss Jura town of Le Locle, to a presence in 150 countries. From its first pocket watch with two time-zones in 1853 to its revolutionary touch-screen technology T-Touch watch, Tissot has presented a series of "firsts" in terms of technology, materials and design – even to the extent of creating watches made of rock, wood and pearl.
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