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We are committed to protecting your privacy. At Bellefontaines Jewellers Ltd take our Customers privacy seriously and we are committed to safeguarding your personal information.

In keeping with the EUs new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our 

Privacy Policy to provide you with clearer and more specific information on how and why we collect

and process your personal information and your rights in that respect.

Please take a moment to read our shop's Privacy Policy below.  We do not collect any data on the website other than Cookies which are used to explain our website use for website development reasons and to make it easier for your on return visits to our site. 

Customer information 

What data do we collect?

Name, address, contact details, transaction and service information, notes on visits to store,  finger sizes and enquiries, Credit card slips, bank details, CCTV.

Where do we store the data?

Easystock software, emails, printed job sheets, computer backups, share drive (internal) mailing lists (internal and external), enquiry book, staff notebooks, scraps of paper, the computer and back up Marys computer (valuations).  Credit card slips are stored behind secure doors.

Old valuations which are included in our paper storage of data; stored securely within the building which is CCTV and Alarm protected.  Our local backup contains customer data and it kept in secure areas with restricted password protection.

How do we protect and document the data we have?

All Easystock front interfaces are password protected. All IPadare password protected. Computers are for staff work use only. The server is password protected. The Share drive has limited access. All scraps of paper and completed job sheets are put in a box for weekly or daily shredding. These scraps are always in a secure lock draw or behind staff security doors before shredding. Enquiry and other books are stored out of public reach. Staff note books are kept in secure lock draws or in staff only areas. Emails can only be used on company computers or private phones with password protection to open the phone and good reason to use on the personal device. Doors to staff areas are secure through either a pin password or fob access; with the exception of the storage box  by the till in store which is unsecured but behind the till making entry by the public possible but not by accident and only possible with force.

How long do we plan to keep the data for?

All data on Easystock regarding the customer will be kept indefinitely for the purpose of the loyalty scheme, warranties up to 10 years, and marketing purposes. Data will be kept until a request to delete it. All hand written data will be kept until the book it is contained in is full, and the job/enquiry is complete. As long as the job/order/enquiry is complete, shredding will vary from 1 month to 18 months typically. Any job sheet with personal data will be shredded within 1 month of collection/completion of the transaction. Valuations produced by ourselves are kept until updated or requested to be deleted for proof of ownership and in case of request by insurance companies or customers. Other forms are kept for 7 years for tax purposes. 

PAS Valuation Data ; Currently the data is stored in line with the relevant clients requirements (data retention policy) and relevant UK legislation.

Do we have a function/ reason for every piece of data we collect? (Purpose)

Customer account and details relating to transactions are kept indefinitely for purposes of an ongoing loyalty scheme. Details relating to valuations are kept for up to 50 years to ensure proof of ownership can be given in the case of a customer losing paperwork and to improve the efficiency of revaluing items every 5 years and to ensure there are no changes to the jewellery. Computer notes relating to jobs are kept with transactions indefinitely, including birthdays, anniversaries etc . All customer data is collected and monitored for purposes of direct marketing and event invitations and record for historical reference and promotional purposes. Names and addresses are kept for the purpose of verifying an individual and phone/email is to ensure contact for jobs, enquiries and marketing where allowed. Any card or bank details relating to a transaction are kept for tax purposes.

PAS; To support our clients requirements and that of their customers should the items be lost/stolen.

What is the process if someone asks to be removed from our records?

It is the responsibility of the person requesting removal to inform us of if their details were typed or hand written. All staff will be responsible with Mary Dieu de Bellefontaine overseeing the process of data removal. Easystock will always be checked to ensure full removal where possible. Written notes can be removed with tip ex on request. 

Easystock data can be removed if the person meets the following criteria;

No open transactions

No transaction less than 6 years old

Warranties have expired 

VAT invoice has not been produced 

No transactions fall under the money laundering act. 

PAS Valuers; If a client requests their data is removed their IT department will securely delete all details and confirm in writing within 1 working week.  A written request is required before deletion will take place.

What is the process if we have a data breach?

A backup of the share drive is completed every night to ensure we are able to contact persons in instances of a breach. The Directors will be responsible for ensuring the proper checks and contact of any persons who may have been breached. All electronic data will be checked from individual workstations, the server, and emails. In the instance of handwritten breaches, every effort will be made to locate persons data elsewhere to contact them. 

If Easystock is breached we will need to contact customers due as the software is not encrypted. PAS Valuation; In the event of a breach we would contact all the persons on the database to advise them of the breach within 48hours of a breach.

If you have any questions or comments about privacy on this website you should email us.

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